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Results Range
Stool Colour Brown Brown
Stool Form Semi-formed Formed
Mucous ND ND
Food Remnants + ND
Meat Fibres ND ND
Vegetable Fibre + ND
 Results  Range
Blood (Macro) ND ND
RBCs (Macro) ND ND
WBCs (Macro) 0 <10
Fat Globules NEG ND
Strarch ND ND
pH 6.0 6.3 - 7.7
Brown coloured stool is considered normal in appearance.
FAECAL pH: Faecal pH appears to be indicator of the health or status of colonic digestive and may be a maker for the development of colon cancer.
Abnormally acidic or alkaline pH usually reflects an abnormality in acid production or absorpt.
Pancreatic Elastase 1 >200 ug/g
PANCREATIC ELASTASE: Reflects trypsin, chymotrypsin, amylase and lipase activity.
Normal exocrine panereatic function.product-3 This test is not affected by supplements of pancreatic enzymes. Healthy individuals produce on average 500 mcg/g of PEI. Thus, levels below 500 mcg/g and above 200 mcg/g suggest a deviation from optimal panereatic function. The clinician should therefore consider digestive enzyme supplementation if one or more of the following conditions is present: -- Loose watery stools -- Post-prandial abdominal pain -- Nausea colicky or abdominal pain -- Gastroesophageal reflux symptoms -- Bloating or food intolerance Comments: Pancreatic Elastase is used to assess pancreatic exocrine function. Pancreatic insufficiency is associated with diabetes mellitus, cholelithiasis, pancreatic tumour, cystic fibrosis and otesoprosis. This test is not affected by substituation theraphy with enzymes of animal origin. PE-1 levels decline with age.
H.PYLORI, Antigen
H.PYLORI ANTIGEN: This test indicates the presence of a current infection and is not affected by the presence of other organisms, antacids, barium sulphate, blood or fat.
Comments: Helicobacter Pylori antigen indicates the patient's current status and is not affected by the presence of other organisms, antacids, barium sulphate, blood or fay.
This test may be used on its own to monitor the sucess of eradication therapy on month after completion of the therapy.
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Anti-Aging Nutritional Medicine Compounding Nutritional Medicine Compounding
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